Blemish Fighters

    BP Gel Mask #2

    For oily to acne prone skin

    BP Gel Mask #3

    For oily to acne prone skin

    BP Gel Mask #3

    For oily to acne prone skin

    Break Out Duo$28.50
    Clear Skin Care System

    Acne System includes:

    • Pumice Cleanser (8oz)
    • Purifying Trio  (8oz)
    • Calming Fluid (1.7 oz)
    • Facial Shampoo   (8oz)  FREE
    • SPF 30 ultra light (4oz.)
    • Home care Regimen with skin care tips and tricks


    What is Acne?


    Clear skin Teenage Acne (Simple)
    1. Pumice Cleanser( on clean skin in circular gentle motion)
    2. Ice 2-5 minutes
    3. Purfying Trio
    4. Sunscreen SPF 30



    Pumice Cleanser aka "Clear skin polish"

    • Microdermabrading scrub to dramatically remove bacteria for acne prone skin.
    • Water based foaming scrub
    • Contains fast acting benzoyl peroxide to dissolve oil and soften clogged pores
    • Instantly feels clean and fresh

    Purifying Trio


    • Fights acne break outs
    • Soothes the skin
    • Repairs redness and irritations
    • Prevents breakout after exercise
    • Repairs discoloration


    • Strong approach for blemish fighting
    • Fast acting formula
    Virtual Consultation recommended


    Therapeutic Mask

    For oily to acne prone skin

    Via Clear Skin

    Clear skin starter kit includes:

    Facial shampoo
    Clear skin polish
    Calming fluid
    SPF 30 lite sunscreen
    Purifying Trio
    Cotton pads
    Instruction manual with skin tips and tricks