Aging Gracefully

Aging Skin

Aging Skin

What is Aging Skin?

The skin ages as a natural process that begins with the core of cell damage or deterioration. This occurs on a daily basis as the skin is exposed to many factors in our everyday life. Most of the skin’s damage has occurred before age 18 but often doesn’t show up until age 40. Unfortunately the skin breaks down like a domino effect which in turn, signs of aging appear.

There is no way to stop aging, however, with the latest technology there are many wonderful ways to reverse some of the damage and slow down the process. Your skin will look younger and feel softer. Plastic surgery is now considered acceptable, appropriate and is maintained with the use of proper skin care. Skin care is just as important as caring for your teeth, hair, and physical health. Healthy skin is the first sign of youthfulness and with proper understanding of the skin, you can achieve a younger, more healthy appearance.

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Factors Involved in Aging:

Free radicals





Deep relaxation