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Personalized Skin Care’s treatment covering all phases of what a facial should be: Exfoliate, Restore, Nurture & Protect.  Micro-channeling is the new “anti-aging” due to the   magical effects of the procedure. Using a disposable “chip like” application with mini pyramid edges to  infuse peptides into the skin.  Softens lines, lifts discoloration, reduces pore size and smoothens the texture of the skin.

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  • EXFOLIATE- remove keratinized skin
  • RESTORE- rebuild the integrity of the skin
  • NURTURE-implant peptides into deeper layers
  • PROTECT- Sooth, calm and protect the skin



Acne Treatments

Facial with Extractions

 Personalized Skin Care’s excellent treatment for congested skin. Includes in depth extractions. May Include: Microdermabrasion, Lymphatic drainage, EXTENSIVE EXTRACTIONS & LED violet (blue & Red) light therapy and tune up peel (if necessary)

Skin care Services

Had my monthly facial with Lorena again today.  Everything is always spic and span clean but I can see even more concern for safety has been implemented. I have been coming to Lorena for years and she is the one that finally got my acne under control.  I often get compliments on my skin and it’s all because of Lorena and her focus on skin health.  She knows that I am a minimalist when it comes to my skin regimen so she keeps it simple for me.

Other Services

Lash Lift & tint

Wake up with curly & perky lashes. Safe and effective.  Last 6 weeks to 2 months

Henna Brows

Temporary tattoo brows. Perfect for the summer and other water activities


Natural hair Strokes. Semi Permanent hair like color. Last up to 2 years


Rejuvenate the skin with microneedling. 

psc solution

Personalized Skin Care’s home care for daily skin care needs

 Lorena’s 30 years in the skin care industry, has developed the PSC skin care line for beautiful healthy skin

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