Facials-Frequently asked questions

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Blog

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What kind of Facial should I get?

If breaking out, we recommend starting with the Oxy boost.  It begins a consultation and analysis of the skin.  The Esthetician  educates the client about his or her skin and applies an  enzyme deep exfoliating peel to remove dead skin, soften impactions in the pores to prepare for extractions. Following are 5-15 minutes of extractions to remove any blackheads, whiteheads and pustules to help clear the skin from Acne.
If aging gracefully is a concern we recommend the Micro complete (1 hour) or Lorena’s signature facial (1  1/2 hour).  Either one addresses issues of some breakouts, lines and wrinkles  and discoloration.

If I am breaking out how often do I need to come in for facials?

It depends on different factors:  1. How the skin responds  on the first facial.  2. Using the proper skin care at home and the consistency  3.  The severity of the skin.  Some people see results after 1 treatment,  others have needed 4-6 treatments.

Will a microdermabrasion clear my bumps?

Yes, however for inflamed acne it is not recommended.  We recommend you leave it to the Esthetician to decide which treatment is best for you.  There is a possibility the microdermabrasion can exasperate the skin and cause it to break out more.

Will a facial help my scarring?

Scarring is many times confused with after acne marks and discoloration. A true scar can be an indentation or a harden tissue that won’t go away on its own.  Microdermabrasion and Professional Exfoliation can help reduce some of  the appearance.

I don’t have problems with my skin, should I get a facial anyway?

Absolutely, being in the skin world  25++ years, I have seen so many  people’s skin damaged due to  neglecting their skin.  A Therapeutic/clinical type  facial does not have to be aggressive peeling or require any down time to see results.  Let Personalized Skin Care guide you from the start.