Brightening Lotion

• Skin Brightener
• Hydroquinone alternative
• Hydrating serum complex

Cell Repair Serum

• Diminishes visible imperfections within days to weeks – discourages reappearance
• Normalizes red or yellow skin tones within two to four weeks
• Speeds skin’s recovery from laser, resurfacing and other procedures
• Helps clear breakouts within 48 hours, discourages future problems
• Reduces signs of ongoing sensitivity
• Controls and limits skin’s adverse reaction to stress
• Reduces signs of AHA sensitivity within 1-3 days
• Supports the healthy appearance of immuno-compromised skin
• Rapidly improves hydration – diminishes crepiness and the appearance of surface lines
• Challenge skin to correct itself

  • Stimulates cellular growth, proliferation, and healing
  • Moisturizes skin
Multi-Peptide Serum

• 6 potent peptides for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Alternative to facial injections
• Lightweight Serum

R-Soothe Serum

R-Relief  Serum
All Skin Types: Rosecea-Prone, Chronic Redness


  • Multi‐functional formula addresses all 9 elements of rosacea
  • Visibly reduces of chronic redness, irritation, sensitivity
  • Helps cool heat-activated skin
  • Helps control feelings of discomfort and surface tenderness
Serum C
  • Restores skin’s healthy vitality
  • Prevents and reduces lines & wrinkles
  • Protects the skin from the pollution
  • Improves uneven color
  • Brightens the skin
  • Speeds recovery on acne skin