Cell Repair Serum


• Diminishes visible imperfections within days to weeks – discourages reappearance
• Normalizes red or yellow skin tones within two to four weeks
• Speeds skin’s recovery from laser, resurfacing and other procedures
• Helps clear breakouts within 48 hours, discourages future problems
• Reduces signs of ongoing sensitivity
• Controls and limits skin’s adverse reaction to stress
• Reduces signs of AHA sensitivity within 1-3 days
• Supports the healthy appearance of immuno-compromised skin
• Rapidly improves hydration – diminishes crepiness and the appearance of surface lines
• Challenge skin to correct itself

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Cell Repair Serum –   Helps the skin to repair itself.  Helps clear acne-prone skin,  correct red or yellow skin tones. Encourages immuno-compromised skin to look healthier. Wtih Soluble beta glucan, Superoxide dismutase. For all skin types

Challenges skin to correct a variety of skin conditions and problems, displaying visible results within 24-hours to several weeks.The main ingredient in Activating Liposome Complex is 1,3 Beta Glucans , a patented polysaccharide from the cell walls of Baker’s yeast, that supports the body’s natural ability to correct itself. When applied to the skin,  has been shown to challenge skin to correct a variety of skin problems, including acne-type breakouts, sallow skin due to smoking or poor health, skin cells adversely affected by UVA light, aging contours, surface lines and deeper wrinkles.  Beta Glucans also help damaged and post-procedure skin experience a noticeably faster recovery period, while chronically sensitive and immuno-compromised skins becomes more resistant to redness and other signs of sensitivity within several days to two weeks. In addition to Beta Glucans, Activating Liposome Complex contains the skin soothing antioxidant, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), and cell-energizing Tissue Respiratory Factors (TRF). Each are delivered to the skin in a bio-available liposome, providing skin with increased antioxidant protection along with enhanced energy production within skin cells.