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Th 4 principles to what a facial should be:

EXFOLIATE– Remove keratinized skin (dead skin) using Microdermabrasion, Enzyme, and chemical exfoliation to wake up the communication between the cells. We may use all three or modify accordingly. Exfoliating the skin preps the skin by dislodging and dissolving clogged pores to make extractions easier.
RESTORE– With lymphatic drainage and MicroFusion™  to move the toxins out and massage the muscles.  Exercising the face at multiple levels.  Assisting the Lymphatic System to detoxify the skin allows the skin to function better. Energizing the ATP (Adenosine tri-phosphate) is an important molecule found in all living things. Think of it as the “energy currency” of the cell.  
NUTURE– With Micro-Channeling and LED to feed the skin at cellular level. Nano technology such as Micro-channeling that has mini pyramid shape edges to pressure important nutrients to the skin at a cellular level.   Including our advanced Epidermal Growth Factor and Peptides powerplexes to fire up the collagen and elastin.  LED light therapy, the NASA technology, is known to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin.
PROTECT– Completing the care with proper soothing ingredients to protect the skin from inflammation and from the sun.  We supply the after care with special repair products to calm the skin; a crucial part of completing the Facial.

MicroFusion™  is our most popular facial. A complete Facial created by the Esthetician, Skin guru, Lorena Coello.  She performed 1000’s of facials and skin care consultations for over 30 years.    Although we include most of the modalities, we modify each facial according to each individual’s needs.  As we analyze the skin, we make the proper assessment for the skin. You will see results starting with the first treatment.  The Microfusion is a complete facial that meets all the levels of the face needs for beautiful skin. 

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/ˈfāSHəl/ noun

General definition:     A beauty treatment for the face.


PSC’s definition:  A complete care from a professional who analyzes the client’s skin.  Assigns the proper treatment for the specific skin condition that needs to be addressed. Encompasses the  4 principles of  a complete Facial.  It includes Exfoliation, Restoration, Nurturing and protection of the skin from inflammation and the sun.   Using modalites, chemical peels,  providing recommendations and giving that extra TLC  for  both after care and daily home care.
Lorena Padilla Coello


  • Face and Neck
  • Face, Neck and Decolette
  • Acne Treatments




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