Brightening Lotion


• Skin Brightener
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Brightening Lotion

Brown spots are ultimately caused by hyperpigmentation, which results from the overstimulation of melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is what gives skin its color, and melanin production is an important part of the skin’s natural processes. But when cellular damage due to poor diet, sun exposure, and other factors occurs, the regulation of melanin production sometimes breaks down. It is this that leads to brown spots and age spots.

PSC skin care has developed a unique technology for our Skin Brightener Hyper-Pigmentation Correcting Lotion that is specially-formulated to reduce the appearance of brown spots by stopping the cycle of melanin-regulation breakdown. Active ingredients include:

– Hyaluronic Acid—our vegetable-derived hyaluronic acid is the most powerful moisturizer available. A solid layer of moisture helps protect the melanocytes and keratinocytes that reside in the deeper layers of the skin.

– Tocotrienols—We utilize 8 different forms of vitamin E derivatives, which protect skin lipids and are powerful antioxidants.

– Rosemary Extract—Another great source of antioxidant compounds.

– Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate—An extract of the licorice plant, this helps regulate sebum production, reducing unsightly skin blemishes. It is also an anti–irritant and anti-inflammatory.

– Kojic Dipalmitate—Kojic acid is a byproduct of rice fermentation. Another antioxidant, it has the added benefit of suppressing melanin production. Extremely unstable in its pure form, we use kojic dipalmitate as an alternative to ensure maximum effectiveness combined with a long shelf life.

– Niacinamide—A vitamin B3 derivative that helps lighten skin tone and also increases hydration.



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