Normal to Combination Skin Care System


  1. Facial Shampoo (FREE)
  2. Buffing Beads
  3. Purifying Trio
  4. Stem Cell C
  5. Calming Fluid
  6. Home care card Regimen


Normal to Combination Skin

Personalized Skin care offers over 20 years of clinical experience in working with thousands of clients with skin care needs.  This  5 step  clinical corrective skin care system and tips help to address many common concerns of the skin such as clogged pores, discoloration, aging gracefully  and more.  This kit is a perfect  gift for any time for someone that needs corrective skin care.

  1. Facial Shampoo -Wash away impurities (FREE)
  2. Buffing Beads – Gently remove dead skin buildup
  3. Purifying Trio– Lift and brighten skin discoloration
  4. Stem Cell C-Nurture and protect the skin with vitamin C and peptides
  5. Calming Fluid– Moisturize and protect skin’s barrier with antioxidants
  6. Home care card Regimen

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