Silk skin


• Seals skin from dryness and irritants
• Excellent for rough, porous skin, especially those exposed to cold, dry or harsh environments.
• Wonderful under makeup that streaks, or doesn’t spread evenly

Great for under make up Normal to dry skin types

Silk Skin barrier support

Primer Serum

A medium weight “oil like” breathable barrier for moisturizing, and lubricating the skin. Gives the roughest, most porous skin a smooth flawless finish for perfect makeup every time. Skin-fortifying lipids sink into damaged areas between cells, intensifying the skin's own moisture-holding protection. Within hours, the skins surface evens out to become smooth without clogging the pores. Protects & Perfects for flawless make up. Seals skin from dryness and irritants. Gives even the roughest, most porous skin a smooth-as-glass finish.