Lorena padilla coello

As a licensed esthetician, one who has provided consultations and skin care treatments for more than 25 years, my passion has always been to develop a personalized product line that meets the needs for daily skin care.

Lorena Padilla Coello

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One of the many challenges in skin care today is    making sense of all the confusing information that advertising and marketing companies pass on to the consumer.  How does a person choose the skin care that is right for them?

 We have seen the ads in social and print media, with a celebrity or model promoting a certain skin care     product.  It is difficult to be sure if the outcome was achieved with the skin care product or with additional enhancements such as injections or surgery. 

Medical doctors from every discipline offer skin care products for sale in their office.  Multi marketing/home parties offering skin care are more focused on sales than effectiveness.  There are  natural/organic products that sound promising but may not be enough for troubled skin such as acne or wrinkles.  It seems that there are so many choices.  How does a person decide?

The benefits of an ongoing relationship with an esthetician will ensure that the client has an individual, focused assessment of the skin. This gives the client the advantage of optimal recommendations for skin care.  Skin goes through changes with age,

hormones, stress, and weather.  A skin care regimen needs to be altered to accommodate these changes.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ in skin care, and PSC offers a   selection of products to meet the ever-fluctuating needs of the skin.

As a licensed esthetician, one who has provided consultations and skin care treatments for more than 25 years, my passion has always been to develop a personalized product line that meets the needs for daily skin care.  While the skin care industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, I commit to new and advanced skin care “lotions and potions” that will keep up with the savvy consumers of today.

Lorena Coello


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Licenses and Certificates


  • Fibroblast Certified
  • Phibrow Certified & Licensed Microblading  for 3D Brows 2015
  • Founder of Personalized Skin Care Inc since 1993
  • Esthetician since 1989
  • CRT Certified- Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment (micro needle)
  • Cosmetic Chemistry Update 2016
  • European Microblading Technique
  • NCEA & SDSS certification update 2015 : Peptides, Diseases of the skin, cosmetic chemistry
  • Esthetic Technologies certificate
  • NCEA certified Esthetician
  • License and Ceritifications:
  • Microdermabrasion advanced certified 2015
  • Medical Esthetics 2015
  • RF/Microcurrent technology 2015
  • Slective Esthetics: Microcurrent and the skin – 7 hours 2013
  • Dermafrac: Micro-channeling, Topical Infusion, Microdermabrasion and LED
  • UCLA Extension: Skin care Ingredients for Cosmetics Professional part 1 2013
  • VC-Advanced Education: Anti Aging, Rosacea Hyperpigmentation, Acne & Designer peels 2009
  • YG- Skin Rejuvenation & Wound Healing in time of Stress
  • Aethetics International: Acupressure Face Lift
  • Dermacycling and Nano Technology
  • YG- From Acne to Aging advances & Treatment methologies
  • Vitaderm Advance Electrostimulation System
  • Revitalight Skin care System
  • Lymphobiology & Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • PCA: Benefits of TCA peels- San Francisco
  • NCEA- 21 CHEMICAL Exfoliation
  • Atelier Esthetique Institue of Esthetics New York
  • Biomani Advanced Medical Aesthetics- Chemical peels- Texas
  • International Institue of Esthetics-Advanced Microdermabrasion
  • International Institue of Esthetic- Equipment Technology
  • International Institue of Esthetic- Micro Contouring
  • International Dermal Institute- Chinese Diagnosis: Facd and Body Reading2004
  • VS: Condition specific Designer Peel & Designer Depigmenting 2004
  • The Interantional Dermal Institue: Chinese Acupressure 2005
  • International Congress of Esthetics: Microcurrent and Anti Aging Esthetics
  • UCLA Extension: Sunscreen and sun care
  • UCLA: Plants in Cosmetics
  • Dermal Institute: Integration of Skin Cre Therapy and Nutrition
  • Dermal INstitute: Hormones, Menopause, and the Skin
  • YG: Skin CAre Ingredients 2004
  • PTR: Anti Aging & Skin Repair Damage
  • Institue of Dermal Institue: Ingredient Technology 2003
  • YG: Skin Basics for Retail Specialists 2002
  • YG: Skin Care Ingredients part ll – 2004
  • YG- Skin care Ingredients part l – 2004
  • UCLA Extension: Skin Care and Basic cosmetic Ingredients
  • Michael Dumas- Make up
  • International Institues of Permanent Cosmetics 2002
  • The International Dermal Institue: Galvanic and High Frequency
  • YG: Skin Care l: Skin Systems and Power Treatments
  • Internation Esthetics: Managment of skin with Dilated Capillaries 2002
  • Internationa Cosmetic Expo Miami 2001
  • VS: Hyperpigmentation 2000
  • VS: Acne 2000
  • International Cosmetic Expo 2000 – Miami Florida 2000
  • International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics: Corrective Pigment and Areola Repigmentation 2000
  • International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics: Eyeliner, Eyebrow and lip Color 2000
  • American Institute of Intraderma Cosmetics: Permament Make up 1999
  • Dermaghraphics: Permanent Make up 1999
  • Mattioli Engineering: Microdermabrasion 1998
  • The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics 1998
  • Plastic Surgery & Esthetic clientele 1998
  • PTR: Peels of all Reasons 1997
  • Advance Skin Care principles: 1997
  • UCLA Extension: Skin Care and Basic Cosmetic Ingredients 1997
  • Internatinal medical aesthetic – 25 hours 1997
  • Conservatory of Esthetics : Cosmetic Chemistry & Professional 1996
  • Conservatory of Esthetics: Make up
  • PTR: Sun Damage and Hyperpigmentation 1996
  • Sonage Advanced Skin Care Principles: 1996
  • UCLA: Skin Care Basic Cosmetic Ingredients 1996
  • PTR: Chemical Peels 1995
  • MB: Nutrition
  • Face & Body Seminar 1994
  • Advanced Dermatologics: Acne
  • Advanced Dermatologics: Ethnic Skin Care
  • Advanced Dermatologics: Aging & Sun Damaged Skin
  • Advanced Dermatologics: Glycolic and Chemical Peel
  • Advances in Esthetics 8 hours 1994
  • PTR: Acne
  • PTR: Pigmentation Problems
  • Arizona Institute of Aesthetics: Introduction to Medical Esthetics
  • American Institute Of Esthetics: Intro to Prescription Plus Skin Care Custom blending skin care1990
  • American Institute Of Esthetics:Scientific skin Analysis using PMDA
  • American Institute of Estheics: 40 hours in advanced Esthetics 1991
  • American Institute of Esthetics: Custome Blending Make up 1991
  • American Institute Of Esthetics: 1990
  • Worked for Dr. James E. Fulton, co developer of Retin A 1987-1990
  • State Board of Cosmetoloy since Since 1989


  • Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  • NCEA- Higher level of credential in the United States