Normal to Combination Skin

In general Combination skin oily in the t zone and normal on the outer part of the face.

Although for Combination  has little maintenance for home care regimen; it is important to take in consideration using precaution such as sun protection and daily moisturizer to protect the natural barrier of the skin.

The skin has its own immunological system with the capability to defend the body against environmental attacks. Some of skin attackers include Sun-pollution, smoke, air conditions and heating systems over-processing the skin and unhealthy eating habits. The immune system weakens and leads to allergies and episodes of skin irritation.

The natural defenses of the skin is not sufficient to adequately protect the body. Skin disease, allergies and highly sensitive skin are the increase. Thus, immune boosting ingredients are an important role. They are a protective function against environmental changes and oriented to stimulate, restore and protect the natural skin defenses.

5 keys to maintaining Healthy skin

  1. Cleanse daily
  2. Scrub 2-3 times a week in gentle circular motion
  3.  Apply Stem Cell C serum to fight against pollution and other environmental factors
  4. Use Sunscreen daily – Ultra light SPF 30 is light weight and has fresh citrus smell.
  5.  A moisturizer to hydrate and replenish the skin. Calming Fluid is our most popular

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