Sun Protection

SPF 30 is most recommended

The higher the number does not mean that it is better!!!

The difference between an SPF 30  (about 97%) and SPF 50  (about 98%) is that there are more chemical ingredients in the higher SPF. No sunscreen out there give 100% protection. Yet!  Some sunscreen ingredients are NOT consumer friendly and can cause chaos to the skin.  The higher the SPF chemical equals higher risk of rashes, irritations, breakouts etc…

Some Sunscreens that are highly fragranced add more fuel to the fire

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Ultra lite SPF 30

Ultra Lite SPF 30


• Light weight sun protection lotion
• Broad-spectrum protection from burning UVB and aging UVA rays
• Refreshing citrus scent
• Fast absorbing and non greasy. Perfect for guys and teenagers!!