Facial Shampu  (Gel)– Normal to Oily

B-5 Cleanser (Gel)– Normal to Sensitive Skin

Beta Hydroxy (Salicylic wash) – Oily to Acne skin

Gentle Cleanser  Light Weight Lotion cleanser

Moisture Cleanser  Moisture Creamy cleanser

BP Wash  For oily skin


AHA Oily to Acne

Refresher – (Bio Flafonoid)Sensitive to Dry

Purifying Toner – (mandelic Acid)-Mature, Oily or Acne

Break out Controllers

BP Gel Mask- 5% benzoyl Peroxide (AKA #2)

BP Gel Mask- 10% benzoyl Peroxide (AKA #3)

Sulfur-Nol- Sulfur & Resorcinol

Break out duo– BP Gel with Sulfur


Calming Creme -Medium weight Cream
Calming Fluid – Light weight Lotion
Collagen Peptide Cream– Med. weight w/ Peptides
Dermaseal – Heavy weight Deep moist. cream
Silk Serum– For under makeup & dry Skin
Neck Repair– Heavy weight Peptide cream
DNA Repair – Med.weight for sensitive & Rosacea
K & Arnica Cream– Heavy weight for bruising & Healing
Vanish Duo– An army of skin brightnening ingredients
Restore-Sleeping Mask


Sun Proctection

Sport Pro SPF 30- water resistant

Ultra Light SPF 30– lightweight/ citrus

Tinted Gentle SPF 30– lightweight tinted


Pumice Cleanser Oily to Acne

Buffing Beads– Normal skin

Gentle Scrub- Sensitive

Volcanic polish– All types- with AHA


Vita A  Gel– Oily to Acne

Vita A Pro Lotion- Oily, Acne or Mature Skin

Skin Renewal A,C & E Sensitve to dry

Mandelic 10%– mandelic acid. A gentle exfoliant

HQ– Hydroquinone and 10% Glycolic Acid 2% Kojic Acid 2% Hydroquinone.
Retrixyl – Retinol and Matrixyl 3000 tm  


Multi-Peptide Serum– Peptide Combo with “freeze” component

Youth Serum- HGF Peptide

Peptide 360– Peptide Combo

Firming Complex- Peptide with Matrixel 3000

Stem Cell C Serum-Peptide Combo with Vitamin C

Cell Repair Serum – Activitaing Repair complex (niacinimide)

Fixit-Epidermal Growth Factor –COMING SOON

R-sooth– Sensitive relief for Rosacea prone

Brightening TrioTriple power brightening ingredients

Diva’s must have (anti aging 4plex)

Vanish Duo– An army of skin brightnening ingredients

Eye Care

Eye Serum RX – dark circles & puffiness
Eye Fiber Mask– for dark circles, puffiness
Firming Eye Cream– Creamy Peptide
Eye Potion– Lifting Peptide- not for sensitive skin
Lip Repair– peptide formula for fuller lips
Glazy Lips– Peptide voluminizing formula