Volcanic Polish


  • Volcanic Microcrystals and invigorating micro grains quickly polish away environmental pore
    cloggers, discouraging breakouts
  •  Natural acids refine uneven and congested surface to an ultra-smooth texture
  •  Charcoal purifies and clarifies skin exposed to dulling urban pollutants
  • Black Mud softens surface lines and minimizes enlarged pores


Volcanic Polish

This multitasking Black Mud-based facial polish, fortified with Activated Charcoal and natural micro grains, purifies, exfoliates, and improves the skin’s texture as it polishes away impurities and  environmental pollutants. Refines the appearance of enlarged, congested pores and increases cellular turnover while balancing the skin. Absorbs impurities without stripping essential moisture, revealing a balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

Infused with a combination of Volcanic Microcrystals, Palm Seed Micro Grains and natural acids (Salicylic, Phytic, Azelaic, Mandelic and Glycolic Acids), this unique facial treatment provides invigorating surface exfoliation to refine uneven texture and clarify congested skin to a brighter, ultra-smooth finish, without irritation.

Activated Charcoal Powder, made by burning fully matured coconut shells, has a magnetic effect through the process of adsorption that binds and draws out deep-seated debris, heavy metals, toxins, and embedded urban pollutants to purify pores. Black Mud, sourced from European freshwater lakes, rids the skin of dirt, oil and impurities, infusing it with essential minerals and vitamins, and reviving the nutrient and moisture-depleted barrier.