DIY home facial maintenance


Included in package: · Enzyme powder & Razberry activator · 4X4 cotton pads– to remove enzyme) · Tune up peel pads– (handle with gloves) · Wooden stick (blend enzyme) · 1 set of gloves · Restore  & Repair ointment
Step 1. Cleanse
personalized Skin care Step  2.  Using coffee cup, heat in microwave for 10 seconds only (use towel to hold cup, it’s get very hot).  Then mix Razberry with powder.  Cover skin with  plastic to keep natural heat. Leave on for 10 minutes.
Step 3.  Apply gloves.  Have a fan ready and turned on. Apply treatment to needed areas. Avoid smile lines, eyes, chin fold.  Wait 4 minutes.  Apply second application (if applicable)  Do not remove
Step 4.  Apply Restore

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Tune up peel (clogged pores to Acne)

Enzyme peel (sensitive skin)

Anti Aging peel CPI-MicroNeedle

personalized skin care

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