Prife iteracare hot air blower


Identifies damaged cells
Activating and strengthening DNA
Safe non-ionizing- zero radiation
User friendly
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iTeraCare Prife hot air blower

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iTeraCare Prife device integrates three (3) top technologiesTeraHertz Frequency,Quantum Energy, and Optical Quartz. Its components are cast with more than 100 trace elements. Benefits include: circulation, activating and strengthening DNA, Safe non-ionizing- zero radiation and user friendly

5 key features:

1. Penetration: iTeracare is a non-consumable, non-contact, and non-invasive. TeraHertz penetrates deep into the body’s tissues, reaching into the bone marrow, enhancing blood circulation.
2. Activation: TeraHertz wave resonates with our body cells at a hundred million vibrations per second, resulting in the activation of our cells and strengthening of the DNA.
3. Identification: iTeraCare device repairs damaged cells and tissues affected by free radicals.
4. Safety: iTeraCare is non-ionizing. It is safe to use, giving us peace of mind because of zero radiation.
5. User-friendly: These devices are easy and convenient for daily use, from infants, adults, and the elderly. It can also be used on animals and plants.

Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: ITeraCare products are not medical devices.
These are simply blowers that emit teraHertz frequency resulting in improved blood circulation and cellular function.
Please consult a medical professional or a healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Prife International shall not be liable nor responsible for the actions, misrepresentations,
negligence of our Independent Distributors

iTeraCare is not recommended for:
• Women who are pregnant or on menstruation
• Area with stent, body implant, or pacemaker
• Open wounds and/or fractured bones
• Eyes with lens implanted

-Benefits of using terahertz device
Relieves muscle tension and soreness
-Eases tight shoulders, spondylosis, and muscle strain
-Reduces fatigue and improves sleep
-Helps reduce
varicose veins,
blood stasis
– Soothes eczema, insect bites, itchiness, and skin problems
– Strengthens metabolism, improves microcirculation
– Alleviates prostatitis and inflammation
– Relieves gastrointestinal problems