Firming Complex



  • Safe for all skin types and is effective on the following conditions Skin showing visible loss of firmness.
  • Contours that are loosing their youthful shape and definition
  • Loose, sagging skin above and below the eyes
  • Menopausal skin showing loss of firmness



Firming Complex with Matrixyl Peptides

Firming and anti-aging. With peptides and skin strengthening properties for fine lines and wrinkles. Builds thickness. For all types Fine lines and wrinkles

Advanced Firming Complex dramatically improves visible firmness to face, jawline, and neck within 30 days.

Featuring Matrixyl Peptides – an amino acid chain based on a wound healing peptide that provide extra strength firming that starts within days. Skin feels immediately tigher and lifted.  Visibly firms in just 2 to 4 weeks reducing the appearance of wrinkles as much as 68% in 2-6 months This gentle retinol- and AHA-free age-fighting alternative is ideal for those who can’t tolerate strong solutions.  One of the most extensively researched age-fighting ingredients ever developed for the skin, double-blind studies show Matrixyl Peptides to be as effective as medical strength 0.07% Retinol and more effective than 5% Vitamin C at reducing the visual effects of aging without irritation. Matrixyl Peptides are a non-irritating equally effective alternative to Retinol and Vitamin C. Algae peptides help increase skin firmness by 20% and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by 27%.

Skin feels immediately tighter and firmer. It dramatically improves visible firmness in just 30 days and the results continue to build – where lasers, peels, and injections do not. New firmness, New Life for your skin. The power of Firming Everyday.