Eye Potion


•Reduces puffiness and dark circles
•Enhances skin firmness
•Smoothes and softens skin
•Strengthens capillary walls


Eye Potion

The complete eye contour transformation and minimize the signs of 3-Dimensional Aging, this exquisite
serum also features age-corrective TR-6 Complex.
Time Reversal Complex (TR-6) delivers multi-targeted, multi-beneficial actions to correct visible aging in
all skin types – regardless of age and ethnicity. TR-6 is a remarkable blend of 6 unique age-corrective technologies
that include:
• Multi-action niacinamide
• Architectural peptides
• Cell-signaling CT-peptide*
• Repairing phyto-regulators
• Protecting plant stem cells

A powerful combination of active ingredients designed to target puffiness and dark circles, while providing exceptional antioxidant protection and superior skin hydration. Working from within the delicate layers of the skin outwards it immediately begins to repair damaged tissue, promoting smoother, healthier, more youthful looking eyes.