Exfoliation Peel- DIY


Do it Yourself includes:

  • Step by step video
  • Peel application (for Tune up & Anti aging only)
  • Mask (sensitive peel only)
  • Enzyme powder, Razberry Peel
  • After care

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Do IT Yourself (DIY) facials- 3 to choose from

  • Step by step video
  • Kit includes: Enzyme powder, Razberry Peel, After care,

How it works:

  1. Purchase Choice of Acne, Anti Aging or Enzyme for Sensitive skin
  2. We may call to verify the right choice: Send you a complete system
  3. We will send you a link to step by step video demonstrated with pictures and narrated by Lorena

1. Tune up peel (acne) DIY- 

1 treatment 1, 1 enzyme peel 1 peel application &after care, detailed Video

2. TCA peel (anti-aging) DIY

1 treatment 1 – consultation 1 enzyme peel 1 peel application

3. Face and Neck Treatment with Enzyme peel 

1 treatment 1 – consultation 1 enzyme peel 1 Gel mask After care for 1 treatment

Buy  with initial  Virtual Consultation $145 Not sure which one? Text me 714 287 8748- this number is temporary

Additional information

DIY treatments choice:

Tune up peel, Anti Aging peel, Basic Enzyme peel, Face and Neck Combo