Buffing Beads

Eco friendly exfoliating scrub to dramatically remove dead skin cells and diminish the appearance of enlarged pores
• Water based foaming scrub
• Refine skin to a new clarity & smoother surface
• Can be used for the face and body

Gentle Scrub

• Gentle jojoba beads to smooth away dead skin cells
• Gently dissolves impurities
• Keeps skin’s protective barrier intact
• Dermatologist-tested for irritancy and sensitivity

Pumice Cleanser aka "Clear skin polish"

• Microdermabrading scrub to dramatically remove bacteria for acne prone skin.
• Water based foaming scrub
• Contains fast acting benzoyl peroxide to dissolve oil and soften clogged pores
• Instantly feels clean and fresh

Volcanic Polish
  • Volcanic Microcrystals and invigorating micro grains quickly polish away environmental pore
    cloggers, discouraging breakouts
  •  Natural acids refine uneven and congested surface to an ultra-smooth texture
  •  Charcoal purifies and clarifies skin exposed to dulling urban pollutants
  • Black Mud softens surface lines and minimizes enlarged pores