Cleansers are used for various reasons: to wash off make up, remove oil, purify acne, condition the skin while cleansing. To choose the right cleanser one must know the type and condition of the skin: Oily, dry or combination. The condition could be: Sensitive, acneic, combination

BPO Wash

• Gentle benzoyl peroxide cleanser for blemished & sensitive skin
• Fast acting bacteria fighter
• Foaming cleanser, water activated and water rinsed

Gentle Cleanser

• Gently dissolves impurities
• Keeps skin’s protective barrier intact
• Dermatologist-tested for irritancy and sensitivity

Salicylic Wash

• Deep pore oil dissolving cleansing action
• Tea Tree Oil cleanses deep within the pores
• Absorbs oil
• Controls blemishes before they become a problem