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Skin Care Systems

Skin care systems for skin type and condition. 

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Do it yourself facial using professional products

DIY home facial

Do it yourself facial using professional products

Eye Care

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Between wrinkles, bags, milia, dark circles and sensitive eyes it can be challenging to address all in one product. PSC carries eye care to address multiple issues around the delicate area.


Natural homemade clay facial masks at home…

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FacialPSC Signature Facial

1. Exfoliation

2. Restore

3. Nurture

4. Protect

Skin Sets

Youth maintenance

Youth maintenance

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Complete skin care system to help minimize appearance of acne. 

30+ years

 Lorena the esthetician for over 30 years, developer of PSC skin care line and created Hollywood style facials with the latest modalities. Chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, microblading(3D natural Brows), microneedling, CRT- Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment, Deep pore cleansing treatment, Microcurrent, LED light therapy and acne Treatments

Skin Types


the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, red pimples on the face

Normal to Combination Skin

In general Combination skin oily in the t zone and normal on the outer part of the face.

Aging Skin

The skin ages as a natural process that begins with the core of cell damage or deterioration.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Care System


AKA Hyperpigmentation, dark spot, sun damage & melasma refers to the discoloration caused by deposits of melanin that appear as stubborn brown spots. 


Facial Shampu  (Gel)– Normal to Oily

B-5 Cleanser (Gel)– Normal to Sensitive Skin

Beta Hydroxy (Salicylic wash) – Oily to Acne skin

Gentle Cleanser  Light Weight Lotion cleanser

Moisture Cleanser  Moisture Creamy cleanser

BP Wash  For oily skin


AHA Oily to Acne
Refresher – (Bio Flafonoid)Sensitive to Dry
Purifying Toner – (mandelic Acid)-Mature, Oily or Acne


Break out Controllers

BP Gel Mask- 5% benzoyl Peroxide (AKA #2)
BP Gel Mask- 10% benzoyl Peroxide (AKA #3)
Sulfur-Nol- Sulfur & Resorcinol
Break out duo– BP Gel with Sulfur



Calming Creme -Medium weight Cream
Calming Fluid – Light weight Lotion
Collagen Peptide Cream– Med. weight w/ Peptides
Dermaseal – Heavy weight Deep moist. cream
Primer Serum– For under makeup & dry Skin
Neck Repair– Heavy weight Peptide cream
DNA Repair – Med.weight for sensitive & Rosacea
K & Arnica Cream– Heavy weight for bruising & Healing
Vanish Duo– An army of skin brightnening ingredients
Restore-Sleeping Mask

Sun Proctection

Aqua SPF 30- water resistant
Ultra Light SPF 30– lightweight/ citrus
Tinted Gentle SPF 30– lightweight tinted



Pumice Cleanser Oily to Acne
Buffing Beads– Normal skin
Gentle Scrub- Sensitive
Volcanic polish– All types- with AHA


Vita A  Gel– Oily to Acne
Vita A Pro Lotion- Oily, Acne or Mature Skin
Skin Renewal A,C & E Sensitve to dry
Mandelic 10%– mandelic acid. A gentle exfoliant
HQ– Hydroquinone and 10% Glycolic Acid 2% Kojic Acid 2% Hydroquinone.
Retrixyl Retinol with Matrixyl 3000tm



Multi-Peptide Serum– Peptide Combo with “freeze” component
Youth Serum- HGF Peptide
Peptide 360– Peptide Combo
Firming Complex- Peptide with Matrixel 3000
Stem Cell C Serum-Peptide Combo with Vitamin C
Cell Repair Serum – Activitaing Repair complex (niacinimide)
Fixit-Epidermal Growth Factor –COMING SOON
R-sooth– Sensitive relief for Rosacea prone
Brightening TrioTriple power brightening ingredients

Eye  & Lip Care

Eye Serum RX – dark circles & puffiness
Eye Fiber Mask– for dark circles, puffiness
Firming Eye Cream– Creamy Peptide
Eye Potion– Lifting Peptide- not for sensitive skin
Lip Repair– peptide formula for fuller lips
Glazy Lips– Peptide voluminizing formula


Pumpkin Peel– all types mini facial
Therapeutic Mask- Oily skin, Rosacea & Acne
Black Mud (charcoal & more) – All types
RESTORE sleeping mask – All types