What Is A Basic Facial All About?

A basic facial in general includes, cleanse, peel and maybe a mask. At PSC, we use multiple devices to work the pores, skin texture down to deeper layers. For a guaranteed outcome a facia requires microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage LED light and more.

What Should the Frequency Of Facials Be?

In general, depending on the age, the cell turnover is 28-30 day. As you get to know your skin more you will see once a month is maintenance.

Do Facials Unclog Pores?

Yes! that is the goal. To leave the skin looking like porcelain skin.

When Do Results Start Showing?

It depends on everyone. It could be immediate after the facial, a couple of hours later or sometimes about 4-5 days after. Depends how fast the skin naturally recovers and how properly the after care is administered

Can People with Sensitive Skin Get Facials?

Absolutely, the esthetician will assess the skin and will choose the steps necessary to strengthen the skin to a healthier state.

What Are the Benefits of Facials?

You will get smooth and radiant skin. Unclog pores, brighten the skin and more.   Lift the self-esteem.

By Whom Is a Facial Done?

A licensed Esthetician, who has studied the anatomy of the skin, cosmetic chemistry, and the understanding of beauty devices

Can Makeup Be Used After a Facial?

In generally ask to allow the skin to rest for the day. However, it will not take away the outcome of the facial.  It will simply feel a little more sensitive. As long make up is washed off at the end of the night and use the appropriate after care

How do I know what kind of facial?

The PSC signature facial covers Exfoliation, Lymphatic drainage, LED light therapy and more. Each step/device is especially selected for your skin accordingly.