What Is A Facial ?

A complete care from a professional who analyzes the client’s skin.  Assigns the proper treatment for the specific skin condition that needs to be addressed. Encompasses the  4 principles of  a complete Facial.  It includes Exfoliation, Restoration, Nurturing and protection of the skin from inflammation and the sun.   Using modalites, chemical peels,  providing recommendations and giving that extra TLC  for  both after care and daily home care.
Lorena Padilla Coello

What Should the Frequency Of Facials Be?

,In general, depending on the age, the cell turnover is 28-30 day. As you get to know your skin more you will see once a month is maintenance. Every client is unique on their needs.  If treating acne, weekly facials for faster recovery. If there is special engagement such as a wedding, have at least 3 facial- have the last facial a week before the day. 

Do Facials Unclog Pores?

Yes! that is the goal. To leave the skin looking Clear and Healthy. 

When Do Results Start Showing?

Usually after 1 treatment.  It could be immediate after the facial, a couple of hours later or sometimes about 4-5 days after. Depends how fast the skin naturally recovers and how properly the after care is administered.

Can People with Sensitive Skin Get Facials?

Absolutely, the esthetician will assess the skin and will choose the steps necessary to strengthen the skin to a healthier state. The treatment will likely be modified to address the sensitivity

What Are the Benefits of Facials?

Whether you are a professional, public figure or student, healthy skin helps with confidence and performance on the job.  Clear/Glowy skin indicates health and wellness at its best.  Facials unclog pores, brighten the skin and more.   Majority of our clientele would tell you the do it to keep their acne breakout under control.  Others would say to slow down the signs aging. 

By Whom Is a Facial Done?

A licensed Esthetician, who has studied the anatomy of the skin, cosmetic chemistry, and the understanding of beauty devices

Can Makeup Be Used After a Facial?

In generally ask to allow the skin to rest for the day. However, it will not take away the outcome of the facial.  It will simply feel a little more sensitive. As long make up is washed off at the end of the night and use the appropriate after care

How do I know what kind of facial?

The PSC signature facial covers Exfoliation, Lymphatic drainage, LED light therapy and more. Each step/device is especially selected for your skin accordingly.

Is a combination of retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide, and salicylic acid to harsh on the skin?

Using the combination of Retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid is using an army of ingredients to combat acne faster and more efficiently. Although they are indeed harsh to the skin, there are ways/products/ingredients that help to repair the lipid barrier and reduce the inflammation. The goal is to quickly clear the skin and to nurture the healing progress for faster recovery.

Is it ok for us to do our own extractions?
For cystic and nodules, it is best to go to your Dr. to have either a cortisone shot or possibly removed. For the less severe acne such as blackheads, whiteheads and pustules can be gently extracted by an esthetician that can extract them in a gentler manner to avoid traumatizing the skin. A facial can help prepare and soften them to minimize post hyperpigmentation.
A common tip is to ice the skin 2-10 minutes multiple times a day. This may help to reduce the inflammation and speed up the healing. This is to allows the nature of the skin to heal itself.
Personally, if you have a special occasion the day and the blemish/acne is matured (with pus and very visible) I would use light pressure and extract with fingers covered with tissue.
What other products can be used besides the acne care?
Usually the Dr. is very busy and is limited on how much time they can spend with the patient. An Esthetician spends a little more time providing a skin treatment, more time on extractions (on less severe acne of course), analyze the skin and assess not only your skin but your lifestyle. Depending on you and how complex you want it to be, home skin care can be very simple or very complicated.