Accelerate the cell turnover

Due to natural aging, the skin begins to slow down and the cells  begin to build up and give the skin a more sluggish look. Exfoliants give the skin a little push to help speed up the cell rejuvenation process & slough off some of the dead skin cells. Exfoliants are a must to maintain healthy skin. They may be used 1-7x per week. In some cases 2x per day. Consult your esthetician. Over use may cause irritation and sensitivity.

Vita A  Gel(Retinol) Oily to Acne
Vita A Pro Lotion (Retinol)– Oily, Acne or Mature Skin
Skin Renewal A,C & E (Retinol) Sensitve to dry
Mandelic 10%– mandelic acid. A gentle exfoliant
Retrixyl (Retinol)– Matrixyl 3000 with Retinol- for Sensitive skin